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While flirting, choose your words wisely.

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Since I have had several twittersations on the topic, I thought I'd just try and formulate some sort of go-to guide on how to flirt in German y. Flirtatiousflared nostrils, admiring look.

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I am neither pretty nor self-confident enough to ever just walk up to a guy. They also confirmed that alcohol is not required in these situations, so I guess the Guardian wasn't all wrongand I actually don't have to perfect the 'duck-and-cover' skills my English friends have honed after years of being lunged at by drunk Brits; let's be honest, though, alcohol could really help in this scenario.

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I still can't and it's been months now. Significant amounts and just the right kind, too. Suggest an example Results: Just go over and flirt a little bit.

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Er versuchte mit Penny Husbands-Bosworth zu flirten, die Arme. I am The World's Worst Flirter TMas anyone who's had to endure a night out with me knows firsthand and has expressed shock and disbelief at.

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If you've gotten this far, congratulations! Nodding and um-hming while someone else speaks might normally be bad form in Germany, but in flirt mode, it's a sign of complete and total interest.

It could mean the difference between telling someone you're dressing up like a Smurf for Halloween or dressing like a slut I will never ever get those two straight.

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