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Kids answer questions about dating, discussing dating after divorce: what to bring up & when

We should probably stick to the dictionary definition of stalker — a person following someone stealthily, harassing and pursuing unkindly — like a creepy, delinquent ninja.

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Help them find gratitude Much like teaching your children the art of being a good loser and how to apologize, teaching gratitude is an ongoing lesson. Entitlement attitudes fall by the wayside when a child has learned the value and importance of helping others and giving to others in need.

What is the distance around a circle called? One of the best ways for a child to learn to appreciate the value of a dollar is for them to earn money. What are you studying in school right now in math?

What form of aerial transport does a witch favour? The Beatles music band featured how many members? It does not need to be long and eloquent. Things fall when you drop them because of …? What did you do for last birthday? Do you play sports? What is the name of the fairy in Peter Pan?

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Do you have a bike? Who is known as the Father of the Modern Olympics? When they apologize, they should be taught to be specific with their apology.