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What am I feeling?

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Her laugh was like music to Nichkhun's ear and his heart was beating fast, he turned to her and pinched her cheeks. She's precious to me" He hugged his motorcycle but TIffany just rolled her eyes and got on.

You can not fall for that nerd, but there's a feeling that I had known her for a long time, he thought and he smacked himself, "Why are you smacking yourself?

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As she pouted Nichkhun felt his heart beating fast and when Tiffany put her arms around him his heart felt as if it was about to escape his rib cage. I had to thank him he took me to Lotte World which is where I had been wishing to go.

Their face were centimeters away and Tiffany felt herself blushing and she quickly got out from his arms, she fixed her clothes while the both of them cleared their throats.

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As they got on the ride Nichkhun face did not change and Tiffany was giggling beside him and she squealed, "So excited What is that jerk doing here, she wondered.

I mean not a date. Report Story Tiffany went straight home but she saw Nichkhun's motorcycle in front of her house.

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As she went into her house she saw Nichkhun and her brother talking, and she just stood there awkwardly until Taecyeon noticed her, "Oh hey sis, where did you go?

Fine, now stop with that ugly face.

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After the ride was finished Tiffany was laughing him so hard because Nichkhun can not even walk by himself and she has to support him, "You alright there?