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Surprisingly, he's got some serious abs. Small Name, Big Ego: Some examples include asking God of War composer Gerard K.

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I've fallen off of roofs, I've been hit by cars, I've hit cars, I've fallen down stairs, I've climbed convention centres, I've fallen down stairsI've taken blows to the body from foreign objects, I've fallen down stairsI've been dragged by vehicles, AND performed high-risk moves!

And of course, there's the fact that the humour is usually extremely awkward.

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When asked how old she is, Kelly simply replies, "I'll be eighteen someday! Keith has a pronounced lisp.

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Doubles as a Funny Moment and a Moment of Awesomesince he somehow didn't get arrested. When the humour isn't about Keith saying silly things or generally being awkward as all hell, it's about him performing ridiculous stunts or getting injured.

In the end, he sleeps through his plane ride and landinginstead ending up in France.

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Keith has his moments of this. Keith is nearly killed during the Virtual Boy music video, but the Virtual Boy saves him. Nathan Barnatt's policy is that he'll do anything as long as it results in a funny video.

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Back from the Dead: Part of what makes the convention videos funny is seeing Keith talk to strangers who have no idea that he's just a character. In fact, the Virtual Boy video consists entirely of him crashing into things while playing the Virtual Boy in public.

Keith is clearly laughing at his own jokes in the Dolph Ziggler videos.

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The series' website can be found here. In order to enhance the '90s feel, every so often there are VHS lines and distortions on the screen.