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In particular, you need to provide the following information: Kazan is officially known as "the third capital of Russia": A large number of warriors hold positions there at night like in Spain, Italy and Flanders.

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For example, for Canadian citizens requirements are presented here: They say that a sorcerer advised Bulgarians to live "where without any fire a kettle dug into the ground would boil.

The most popular legend about the city name origin is the word "kazan", which is the Tatar for "kettle".

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Thus, Eastern Tower and Dmitrievskaya Tower were dismantled after the Pugachev assault, and only carcass remains of Polyhedral Tower built by Pskov architects. Kazan Kremlin, Syuyumbike tower, Blagoveshchensky cathedral, Kul Sharif mosque and the embankment of Kazan river create an impressive architectural ensemble of the Kazan city, which is now complete with the Palace of Marriage — architectural heritage popularly called Chasha Bowl.

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And then there is the Palace Square, a new and elegant architectural complex with alleys and buildings in neoclassical style. Singers and musicians made the festivities in the arena unforgettable.

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During the Games they will be provided with uniforms and food, and they will also have the opportunity to see the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. At its opening ceremony, 27 couples got married here simultaneously, standing for the opening date of the Universiade that was held in Kazan in The best volunteers are provided with the opportunity to participate in a traineeship programme designed for volunteers abroad.

President Vladimir Putin arrived for the opening ceremony after visiting the Universiade Village where he met with athletes representing Russia at the event.

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You can indicate that you need a grant and provide motivation in the application form. The enormous volume of work carried out for the preparation and holding of the Universiade allowed Kazan to bid for the hosting of other important world sporting events.

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