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Because there was nerve damage, the total recovery time was about a year, so I was medically separated. See the final projects at http: My father started programming in CorpsBloga static site generator. It was a class that's normally 15 weeks, compressed into a six-week term.

Brief though it was, it was an incredible experience. Unfortunately, five weeks buzzle dating, a motorcycle hit me when I was on my bicycle, and gave me a rather serious broken leg.

I arrange guest speakers to serve as female role models, and I try to give some insights about encapsulation, software design, and software as a career. My mother started programming in on the SEAC computer.

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I volunteered with Video the Vote inusing the power of video and YouTube to document any voting irregularities there might be in the mid-term elections. It's written in Kotlinand is optimized around maintaining a blog with infrequent access to the itnernet, like you'd get if you lived in a mud hut and had to ride your bicycle several miles to get an internet connection.

This is an extremely simple, no-configuration http server written in Kotlin that's designed to be invoked from the command line.