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And, it'll show you just how this problem is physically impossible to solve by exposing the mathematics that lie just underneath its surface. Japanese Multiplication It sounds exotic, but "Japanese" multiplication is actually a very quick and simple way of visually multiplying numbers of any size with a few well-placed lines.

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That way, you'll know for sure that your creative endeavors are the best they can be. And that is how it goes for other things as well.

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Back to the whole cancer part. Especially the latter part.

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Taming Infinity Think about adding up or even past infinity, in a series of numbers that gets bigger every single time. Exploring the worlds of algebra and geometry, this TEDEducation video shows just how mathematicians, inventors and explorers came together to produce a reliable method for navigating open water.

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It's as beautiful as it is informative, and it shows just how math has become a fixture in every corner of our lives, past and present. There are several reasons why. Doodling in Math Class: Let us know in the comments.

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This video, for Valentine's Day, shows off interesting graphs and data on everything from the money that leaves a boy's wallet over time to how to decide a gift for a valentine, based on expense and "level of love. Before the age of GPS or even a calculator, people had to rely on math yes, math to explore the world around them.

Sailors and explorers had to be particularly good at math, or suffer the consequences of their poor calculations by missing much-needed island stops entirely.

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