Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Lip-Synching Contest on ‘Fallon’ | Joseph Gordon Levitt : Just Jared Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Lip-Synching Contest on ‘Fallon’ | Joseph Gordon Levitt : Just Jared

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Hashtag Jimmy and Justin brought out a whole new level of social media awareness when they played around with hashtags for different situations.

The contestants themselves are the only ones who know what song they're performing. But having promoted their film Blended, which coincidentally came 10 years after 50 First Dates, Jimmy encouraged the pair in a sweet duet full of promise to love each other and more — every 10 years.

Jimmy blew a chance to date Nicole Kidman This was just all kinds of sad. What's your favorite sketch? Jimmy also got a celebratory gift from ice cream chain Ben and Jerry's, who dedicated a new flavor to the host entitled "The Tonight Dough Starring Jimmy Fallon.

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Jimmy celebrated his one-year anniversary on the Tonight Show. Emma Stone slays Jimmy Fallon in epic lip sync battle Check out the rundown some of the awesome sketches and bits on the show. Do you see a favorite?

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Young Jimmy and Justin attend camp In this sketch, Jimmy and Justin are young kids attending summer camp. Kevin Hart This was no ordinary card game. Lip Sync Battles The goal is to out-lip-sync each other when they perform the songs.

Jimmy and Kevin Hart ride a roller coaster Kevin Hart spoke up on his fear of roller coasters, even saying that just thinking about made his hands sweaty. Rag Time Gals This is a segment where Jimmy and his 'barbershop quartet' sing songs melded in with harmonies and some surprise guests.

How about getting slapped in the face with a giant hand?

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