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Java xml setvalidating, class documentbuilderfactory

NullPointerException - If the name parameter is null.

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Also, there are non-trivial difference in the way a non-validating parser and a validating parser works. This static method creates a new factory instance.

A validator may modify the outcome of a parse for example by adding default values that were missing in documentsand a parser is responsible to make sure that the application will receive modified DOM trees.

A new instance of a DocumentBuilder. FactoryConfigurationError - if the implementation is not available or cannot be instantiated.

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Platform default DocumentBuilderFactory instance. This processing will take effect even if the isValidating method returns false.

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ParserConfigurationException - if a DocumentBuilder cannot be created which satisfies the configuration requested. It is possible for a DocumentBuilderFactory to expose a feature value but be unable to change its state.

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So one part of me thinks we should get things straight, even if it could be confusing for migrating users. If XML processing is limited for security reasons, it will be reported via a call to the registered ErrorHandler.


Schema to use or null to remove a schema. Such configuration will cause a ParserConfigurationException exception when the newDocumentBuilder is invoked.

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Note for implementors A parser must be able to work with any Schema implementation. In other words, it essentially just controls the DTD validation.