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Gameplay Play flat to the surface Play like a guitar Controllers Players can either use a standard keyboard or connect up a plastic guitar by following a short tutorial: Once you've done changing you settings, press save or restore defaults if you'd like to revert back to the default settings.

As notes align with the bar at the bottom of the screen, you must strum and press the corresponding key. If you fail to hit a note, your streak and multiplier will reset. Notes with white sparkles on them are called hammer ons and pull offs.

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This includes but limited to song, social and any other multiplayer related. Having an account give you full access the game and all in it entirety. It is shaped like a half moon and is divided into three quadrants: One of their goals was to change the way people play music online.

New highscores

Keyboards can be used similarly to a plastic guitar by flipping it over and tilting it slightly. In MarchJamLegend reached 5 million plays. Players upload an mp3 and a track they create for the song to make a playable track on JamLegend. There is a Showdowns None Account Type Alongside the free version of the game, you can also buy a monthly membership for additional benefits.

To the right is an in-game leaderboardwhich is a vertical bar that places your progress along with the bot or other online players as you play a song. Points and Achievemnts When you invite a friend to create an account at JamLegend though your referral link, you be come the head of the band called the Band Manager and they become your band members called Managed Talent.

A glowing colorful circle with a question mark is placed randomly along the track of a song. Each person is denoted with a pointer and the persons name.

The ones posted here take less loading time and are easily sortable. After countless hours of coding, the project led into a private beta where users could invite friends and family to join by providing ones email address.

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Song Uploader Users can upload any song by any artist that they own from their computers.