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She is known for being an atheist and skeptic. Body Measurements Jaclyn Glenn height is 5 feet 10 Inches. She is and has been a liberal even while still a Catholic. The girls open the video by explaining their unlikely new friendship and how they feel no hate towards one another, despite Turner dating them both at the same time.

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Nevertheless, she stuck with it even until her first YouTube videos, where her opinions greatly differentiated from her current views. However, those who follow her vlogs will know that Murphy recently moved to LA and lived with Turner.

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With the individual success of the couple involved, it sure seems to be a good idea to turn the relationship they have into marriage. Melanie dated Toby Turner and claimed to have left the relationship due to his cheating and unreasonable behaviour.


Are they getting married? She was briefly married to a high school teacher whom she divorced due to him cheating and being unsupportive of her YouTube videos.

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She began to question the faith because of the way it treated divorce, specifically her mother, who was barred from receiving communion.

However, she gave him the cold shoulder and said that atheists don't have hearts.