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Identify candidates or make yourself available as a Mentor Mentee: Be respectful and supportive of other Formal and informal Mentors. As a trusted sounding board, you will allow the Mentee to open up and have less fear about sharing their ideas and potential mistakes.

What you agree to do with each Mentee Each time that you start a Formal Mentoring effort, you should review these steps to remind yourself of what options you have in Formal Mentoring.

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All my best wishes are with you wherever you may be. Goodbye and we hope to see you again! Most of these activities will be used each time. Act professionally and positive at all times. Your Mentee should learn what its like to be an excellent member of the Waze Community by observing your interactions and behavior in the Forums and elsewhere.

Thank you for the support, guidance and encouragement you have provided for me during my time as the Regional Manager of our company. We all make mistakes.

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A dating mentor can help her sort out what's really happening. Goodbye and I hope to see you soon! Participate and make yourself available on the Mentoring Forum.

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Who can become a dating mentor? Respond to questions in a timely manner.