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She says she has a whole laundry list of stuff she is going through and one day she will sit down and tell Malaysia because she feels all Malaysia truly knows about her is what she has read from online. Each of the ladies pulled a card and what ever the word on the card was, they would say passion or not passion.

Like her sister, Laura has no trouble speaking her mind or sticking up for family when things get rough. I just don't how they were able to make up so easily with this only being the second episode. Nobody is bigger than the other! Draya was all in her face telling her how pretty she is like a beauty queen, told the girl she wanted to pretty much take her place in the circle, because everyone considers Malaysia the baby of the group and then Draya had the nerve to Malaysia she wanted to see her privates.

Most neutrual understanding one out of "The Crew" but yet stands her own when it comes to it. We know how dramatized we can be, but we should learn how to control those emotions inside of us.

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Draya comes down the walk way with her Louis Vuitton purse, saying everyone hates the new girls, but she says she can handle anything being thrown at her. You can withdraw your consent at any time. Party with Draya So Draya invited all the ladies to a club party and I'm not sure why Draya was acting so weird with Malaysia.

You know how we women gossip Draya baby you don"t have to explain anything to anybody about anything in your life unless you want to. These hoes are not important enough for you to tell them your life story.

If that person wants to have a Dr. Shed Media is producing the series.

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Gloria steps in and says, "what situation would you jump in?