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While the North was undergoing steady industrialization, the economy of the South was still base on the vas plantations of tobacco and cotton, and on slavery. In the Repubblican candidate, Abraham Lincoln won the presidential election. In this game you play the role of a wizard's apprentice who has been given an apparently simple task by the wizard.

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So I regard the puzzles as very fair and well clued. English game with italian title, April 12, Related reviews: From what had formerly been the Whig party, arose the Republican Party, which demanded that slavery should be excluded from all territories of the Union. About the slaves, the abolitionists attacked the exploitation of slaves, the cruelty and the separation from their families they suffered, and the fact they were given no education.

Was this review helpful to you? There are a lot of ingenious puzzles in the game, some easy, others more tricky, but except from one puzzle Spoiler - click to show how to use the hoop I was able to solve them all without the use of the built-in hint system, where you can ask NPCs for help. This is a rather long game with an impressive amount of detail and excellent implementation.

Inform This game is the sequel to Risorgimento Represso. Though I have never played Risorgimento Represso, I enjoyed this game immensely. The writing is good and witty, and did a great job in communicating the surroundings.

Northern abolitionists, who included writers, intellectuals, and religious associations, began to organize themselves as a political movement. Then the white population increased, due to the immigrants from Europe, while in the South there were a lot of black slaves.