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Ihookup social scam, is this screenshot paired with the wrong company profile?

Why We Believe iHookup.

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There was no explanation involved licking a hot pepper. It does take time to build fling websites.

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Yes, our pull rate wound up being one out of One way they achieve this is by hiring an aggressive, commissioned sales force that will say or do whatever it takes to convince people to enroll. Probably what we hate the most about iHookup.

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Of those girls, we set up dates with three of them. This site is stupid, useless, and tries too hard while not providing a useful service.

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This results in a system that centers on recruiting as many students as possible, and NOT on quality of education or job placement. More Details The thing with iHookup.

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You might think that since we sent messages to so many girls, there are a lot of girls on this website. More On Our iHookup. COM is dedicated to helping you meet women by providing a how-to guide for getting laid by babes and reviews of the best online dating sites.

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Only one of those three actually bothered to show up for our date.