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NET framework version 2. I'm trying to select distinct instances from my class but it's not working, even after implements IEqualityComparer as described here: In the plain case, when we need to drop only exact duplicates, the simple Distinct call will do.

Equals uses reflection to iterate through every field in the struct, checking for equality. Distinct customComparer ; The best part about this solution is that it will work for any property and any type, so instead of writing a custom IEqualityComparer, we can just reuse our generic PropertyComparer.

It can potentially eliminate many Substring, Replace or ToLower calls. But performing a Distinct filter on a property is something I always feel like ought to be really easy but turns out to be sort of a pain.

When two different objects have the same key, we call that a collision. After inspecting multiple SO questions and answers related to the topic as well as some other articles I have both found the solution that fitted my needs for the moment and got some understanding of the way IEqualityComparer is actually used by LINQ operators.

It is a poor choice for iterating over though.

What’s the role of GetHashCode in the IEqualityComparer in .NET?

I've implemented the code to figure out what directory the user likely wants to jump to, but I am unable to find a method in the. So, here is my code for deleting threat: Its primary use is with value types to avoid the use of ValueType. Suppose, we do something with actors of a movie: Stop MsgBox "Sucessfully removed the threat.

The third customer has the same name as the first but a different ID. This will satisfy all of the implicit contracts around GetHashCode and takes little time to do. It could process strings without modifying them.