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With his smooth, confident demeanour, crisp dress sense and impeccable English, he is the face that the beleaguered leadership in Tripoli wants to show the world. And there are so many misunderstandings between people and me that I'd like to clear that up.

Kinski used once to rhapsodise about her relationship with her mother: Because it creates such.

Moussa Ibrahim: How Libya's voice was shaped in Britain

She is often referred to as a poet: I can say that I loved him, and always will. One former visitor to his home in Libya recalls his family had a street reserved for themselves and enjoyed a visible level of wealth.

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The couple also had a daughter, Sonia, now 14, but divorced in and are currently at war: Ibrahim, it transpired, was the culprit - and given that Libya was still, at the time, an international pariah, the ramifications were potentially serious.

But Ibrahim is no figure of fun, as shown by his icy attempts to discredit a Libyan woman who told foreign journalists she had been raped by members of a government militia.

He was a very severe person, in the best sense. The movie, a sprawling too sprawling tale of rugged frontier life suffers, alas, by comparison with another snow-girt study of frontier existence, Robert Altman's brilliant McCabe and Mrs Miller — a film Nastassja Kinski adores.

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