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After seeing some of these emails as well as guys checking her out in public ,I asked her if she enjoyed the attention. I watched them flirt, at first laughing to myself, and then with excitement and a little anxiety.

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I sweet talked her into a pair of 3 inch heels, a short skirt and a tight sleeveless T-shirt with no bra. It was a great time for all of us and we intend to do it again very soon. I opened her blouse while still kissing her and then he started raising her skirt and she began to succumb and enjoy the attention and I then began to back out and let the young man begin to take over and kiss her while fondling her more and more and I whispered to her his name wants to fuck you and she said to me I want him to fuck me too.

She did the 'awe shucks, not little old me' routine, but then asked me what I would think if she went to bed with one of them. I arranged for a meeting with him at a hotel and surprised her with the meeting. It naturally unfolded and I watched as he disrobed her and then penetrated her with his very large cock and fucked her to the point where she came multiple times and as she totally gave herself up to him and totally enjoyed him fucking her.

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One of the young men headed over to her almost immediately. This is a print version of story Wife flirts repost by heresjonas from xHamster.

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I told her that She was 2 floors above dozens of young single guys who would jump at the chance; all she had to do is try.

I told her I would I love it, and she responded by saying she would if someone were right here, right now.