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Removing lint from your clothes, scratching your nose, or picking your nose, for example can signal distraction or nervousness.

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But being unable to read all the messages doesn't mean that you won't be able to send the messages that others need to receive.

In other words, if you make yourself too hard to get, this strategy could backfire.

A Guide for Men to Using Body Language

But before you start thinking of yourself as of some body-language-guru, we remind you that there are subconsciously-caused moves that you can't fully control and that can easily tell a lot about your real thoughts and intentions, so be careful with them.

By the same token, if she positions her feet toward the door, she is most likely getting ready to bolt.

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For example, the funeral of a woman's husband is an inappropriate setting for flirting--so don't interpret the widow's need for solace as flirting. But if flirting is yet to come, you shouldn't forget about the power of the eye-contact. In fact, it takes between 90 seconds and four minutes for another person to realize that you are flirting with them.

A mirror can help to examine your facial expressions and posture, above all however, you should try and monitor what your body does when you are angry, nervous or happy. Direct more negative gestures away from the listener to the other side and, in this way, you'll clearly indicate that you don't want any obstacle to stand in the way of your intended message.

Bear in mind whether eye contact is culturally accepted. We also pick up on people flirting with us: This action is designed to pique his interest.

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Remember details Being engaging and interested in what your date has to say is a key part of flirting. He straightens his posture whether sitting or standing.

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