Product details for SANICOMPACT Product details for SANICOMPACT

How to hook up water supply to saniflo compact 48. Product details for sanicompact

Electric showers usually come in a range of power options—from 8.

hr24 200 vs hr24-500 hookup

Then turn on main water inlet valve and fill and shut off inside and outside outlet valves. With the Bristan Bliss electric shower, Warm up mode makes cold starts a thing of the past Electric shower brands.

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Hold a container over the uncapped valve and turn water supply on and off a few times to clear debris. This should flush and remove water line debris. We only work with the best electric shower manufacturers such as Mira Showers, Triton, Bristan and Aqualisa, to ensure you get a high quality product that works both efficiently and effectively.

Cover the opening with an inverted cup, and turn water on and off a few times.

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Find out which type of tradesperson is best to fit your electric shower. The Mira Azora, with its frosted glass fascia, goes to prove that electric showers can look stylish How do electric showers work?

You control this valve via the temperature dial on the outside of the unit.

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Electric showers are most useful for quickly and easily installing an ensuite or downstairs shower room. Make certain the black vinyl refill tube is attached to the top of the overflow pipe with the angle adapter see illustration.

Saniflo compact installation

An electric shower also needs to be connected to a separate ceiling-mounted switch to turn it off and on for added safety.

Turn cap over and clean seal surface by rinsing under running water.

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An electric shower heats water in a similar way to a household kettle. Thank you and thanks for using fixya.

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