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How to hook up loop station rc2, authentic loop station in a stomp box

Experiment with the controls. Second, does the light in the top left go solid red whilst recording? Personally I've plugged a mic, keyboard, banjo, bass, guitar into it. Boss has played their part in establishing this status quo, putting out numerous looper pedals of varying sizes from the RC-3 style stompboxes through to the behemoth options like the latest flagship, the RC But they will work, and since they come in four packs, you might as make double tap tempos with a stereo jack.

The problem stems from using a Normally Open switch that most people are finding at Radio Shack. Along with this, you get access to a wide complement of effects and a total of 85 rhythm backings to choose from — with some options with odd-measure beats.

Maybe some guitar parts suppliers have them too, I don't know. The Phrase Select knob makes it possible to store 11 different tracks.

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Retrieve the loop simply by turning the Phrase Select knob to the desired number. This makes it possible for you to sound like several guitarists instead of one.

The RC-2 records a minute loop along with a drum track. This might be what the polarity switch on the official Boss product does: Lay down a rhythm track on guitar.