Positioning Your Monitors - Krk ROKIT POWERED SERIES User Manual [Page 6] Positioning Your Monitors - Krk ROKIT POWERED SERIES User Manual [Page 6]

How to hook up krk rokit, avoid the hype

This set-up has the potential for a larger sweet spot and better spatial imaging.

Krk rokit 6 setup

In my haste, I did not pre-measure the failed capacitor's voltage while powered on. Why can't people just say "mono" or "stereo"? The power light should illuminate.

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See Changing Fuses in the Connecting the System section on page 3. Install and solder the new components to the circuit board.

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Thanks again for all that you do! People who play your mixes at lower levels will perceive a lack of bass, resulting in exactly the opposite of what you heard—much weaker bass, and a thin, sometimes screechy, mix. The capacitors, however, are crappola and need to be removed regardless of how they look!

But while this may make for an exciting, enjoyable listening experience, if you consistently monitor at such loud levels above 90 dBsplyour decisions about how to set the level of bass in the mix will only be valid at those loud listening levels.

Will one of these do the job? Drop it down to the table. You can adjust the angle of each monitor by listening for dead spots.

I bought two of them 5 months ago and never abused them, never blasted any sound through them and just yesterday the right speaker went out. This thing has a fuse, the fuse is OK, the electronics do not look burned out, it just does not work anymore.

I called up Gibson which owns KRK and they basically told me to drive miles away to the nearest "authorized repair shop" because the place I bought mine at does not have a repair shop and it's too late for a refund and of course you have to pay for the repairs, no warranty F you.

Typically, this means the sub will provide frequencies below 80 Hz or so, adding up to an octave to the frequency response of your average small monitor.