Astro A40 Elgato Hd60 Ps4 Astro A40 Elgato Hd60 Ps4

How to hook up elgato hd60 to ps4, featured video

XxPhantom 2 years ago which mic is being recorded? If you recently bought a PS4 Pro console and you wanna use it with the Elgato HD60s for recording, you probably encountering a problem with the device.

I am just gonna post here how I got it to work, just encase you have others that come here that want to record games straight from PC like me with GTA V. But don't worry almost all of the games will work without that HDCP enabled. That's why it gives no signal when using the device with the PS4 Pro.

I know stupid right? Do you actually need a pc mic? The best and most complete setup guide I have come across so far! You can also get the Elgato chat link cable to solve this problem Virgin Retard Gaming 2 years ago Can you use a monitor instead of a TV?

I hate recording PC games and not being to hear my own voice as I play. Can i plug the mic in the pc and then record with audacity for my audio AllFlamedUp: So yeah this video I have is just for Elgato to PS4.

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What about a webcam JimToons: It thinks you are using the headset for mic or something. How do you not get a echo using 2 mics. Or have you ever had problems streaming using the laptop?

How to set up Astro 50 + PS4 Slim + Elgato HD60 to get video with game audio and chat audio

For my elgato to pick up game sound. The main problem of this issue is that, newly bought PS4 Pro system has a default settings of enabled HDCP, it is a High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection that blocks any screen recording device from accessing the PS4 content or display.

Then you will always need a separate mic to record your voice into the capture. Doesn't thi option have better quality to record through Elgato HD60?

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