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This promise has disastrous results: Plot[ edit ] Barney is banned from laser tag for being too rough, so he plans to toilet paper the arena.

Surprisingly, Robin and Ted meet Barney at the kitchen, who has been doing volunteer work for the past few years. Production[ edit ] Marshall and Lily have a telepathic or "psychic conversation" because they know each other so well they can communicate without speaking.

After being drugged at a raveBarney accepts that he is growing older and concedes to Ted. While doing this, they fly to Philadelphia, get arrested by airport security and that's when Ted starts to wonder why he ends up in these adventures with Barney.

Marshall helps Lily coach kindergarten basketball. You will think the time I found your internet search history was a freakin' picnic.

How I Met Your Mother - Season 4, Episode 19: Murtaugh

Upon hearing this, Robin and Barney make Ted his own list of things he would do when he was older. Having re-watched the complete Lethal Weapon series and Ted realizes that Murtaugh still did the things he claimed he was too old for, and decides that he has more to live for than waiting to grow older.

Barney with a beer bong. Therefore he broke up with her, leaving a message on her answering machine on her birthday. Barney completes an item on the Murtaugh List; doing shots with strangers. Meanwhile, Marshall has taken on the role of coaching Lily's kindergarten 's basketball team.