Date and Time Manipulation on Teradata Date and Time Manipulation on Teradata

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I know a lot of people will be comparing this to the Naked palettes but honestly I think it's kind of it's own thing.

I would only consider a few of them "super pigmented" but honestly I have always hated how that seems to be the way many people classify a good shadow vs. I actually was only planning on posting the swatches since I want to talk about this in a video but I figured that I would at least cover the bases here for those wondering.

Colors with the most fall out for me have been the gold 3rd in on the second row and the first color on the first row which is kind of an iridescent white that shines pink with blue glitter specks see third swatch photo - but even then it wasn't extreme.

This palette is really lacking that. This color does swatch the worst in my opinion but it's a great shadow - swatches aren't everything since that's generally not the way you will be wearing the colors. The questions everyone will want to ask me - Is this a dupe for the Naked Palette?

Today is my first time wearing a look done with this palette.

Teradata - Date/Time Functions

Although none of the Naked palettes have that either: It really depends on what you are using the colors for and what your taste is.

Even some of the lighter browns look really dark on my skin tone and I'm pretty tan right now and all but one of the light colors have some type of glitter or shimmer. It's a very soft and wearable black that blends easily. There are some shimmers, mattes, metallics and glitter infused shades in this palette.

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Plus matte black shadows never really swatch that well The mattes seem to have very little to no fall out. The colors are actually quite different and there is a definite difference in texture etc. Things I would change?

I can even see myself hitting pan on several of the colors.