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The Praetorians are absent from Contracts Mode, due to that they are the only 3 appearing during their mission appearance. The ranking system from previous games was replaced by a scoring system.

IO Interactive Release Date: The UI was completely redone, the mini map and Instinct Mode were added to ease players into the experience. The players may choose any available mission and create their own unique "contract" for other people to play.

Absolution Contracts Mode Platforms: The level design was changed to compliment the direction of the game.

You simply used the easy to understand tools to create objectives in and around the city of New Marais, and after a few minutes you have a mission completed.

Often asked about their hate for Absolution, Hitman fans will answer that Absolution was a step in a completely different direction. Absolution deviated from the original concept of 'social stealth' in favor of more traditional cover-based stealth mechanics.

Absolutionfor the first time in the franchise's history. Next, simply take them out.

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The Killing Fields This achievement is unlocked automatically and can't be omitted. Fun, yes, but extremely convoluted and that convolution breaks the game. The result — Contracts mode. Sandman Subdue a person just stun the enemy and not kill him.

The location layout allows players to plan multiple routes for getting to the objective. Play It Again Accident kill using the piano's cover. It uses IO's new technology - the Glacier 2 engine. As a cover-based stealth game, Absolution is a great example of the genre.