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This feels like the next chapter of something we all dug a great deal, incredibly consistent with what came before, but at the same time going a little darker and a lot bigger as Dave joins the team. The movie is being edited as happens and so, at the halfway point in shooting, I have about 40 edited minutes to watch in the suite during lunch-breaks.

Also writing up lots of Fox plans right now and brain barely keeping tabs on all the various, genuinely thrilling things coming up from that line of movies over the next years.

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That's all I'm saying, but you're going to be impressed. A real thrill for me was seeing so many of my Twitter followers on set and in costume as extras and seeing friends of mine who help moderate the forum here Sanjay, Dr Mike and James D get a chance to join me and my family for a day too.

Three of the days were press interviews, all embargoed until a few weeks before release, but the rest was just sitting around and drinking tea while superheroes beat the shit out of super-villains in the big finale as you'll have read in the book.

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It's the big thing people are saying when they watch the rushes. Comment Comic book creator Mark Millar posted an update on his official website earlier today, which teased an epic fight scene from Kick-Ass 2.

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Blown Away is an understatement. I'm going to nip back down a couple more times, but so different to last time now in that I'm helping prep three other Millarworld movies at the moment two you should hear about in next week or two for late Spring shoots and so home again and writing.

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He was hanging about with my fave guy from the movie, Clark Dukeand I was talking to him for 10 seconds before I realized it was Jesse Pinkman. Super-nice guy and not the gun-packing, wasted crack-head I was secretly expecting him to be after 5 seasons of the show!

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We love him already, but his acting has just had an evolutionary leap here and we're now seeing him do stuff he's never done before. The Hit-Girl series has issue 4 coming next week, I think, and Kick-Ass 2 hardcover is available now, if anybody wants a little peek at what you're all going to be watching next summer.

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Pictures will be gradually released over the next few months and teasers should start to appear soon too. He was shooting a movie next door and we chatted for a bit.