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Although he could never actually speak to his neighbor, it appears that Susanita knows everything about her, as well as everything else, because of her gossipy behaviour. Felipe 19 January Raquel appears to have been a talented pianist with Mafalda's father having a job as some sort of insurance agent who occasionally smokes.

Although she claims to be fond of simple people, she often overthinks or overreacts to her friend's opinions on simple topics, like dating fossils worksheets or pets.

He is an avid horticulturistand proven capable of rambling on about specific topics if given the chance. Somewhat cynical and prone to histrionics, with the prime target being their mother. She is sometimes shown as a glutton, usually regretting sharing with her friends or tricking them out of their snack.

He is sometimes referred to as gallego Galicianas his surname hints at such an origin, but it is common practice in Argentina to refer to Spanish migrants as Galicians.

Toda Mafalda

She is, however, the latter's best female friend despite their bickering "Well He often wages intense internal battles with his conscience, innate sense of responsibility, and top school grades that he hates "That is the worst good news I've ever been given! He never goes on a vacation because of his father, who owns the store they work in; both appear to enjoy making money and upon Manolito suggesting closing shop and go on a vacation for a few days, his dad appeared to have fainted from shock.

It was first published in the magazine on 29 September A frivolous girl with curly blond hair, who displays stereotypical feminine traits; her life revolves around femininity, gossip, dreams of marriage and maternity, and woman antagonism. He appears to have a harsh, houseproud mother, whom he is frightened of.

However, the group was not created on purpose, but was instead a result of the development of the comic strip.

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Libertad appears somewhat later in the series, after Mafalda befriends her at the beach during a vacation, where she introduces herself to Mafalda, and, after an awkward silence, she inquires: He loves soup much to his sister's chagrinhas a pathological dependence on his pacifier, and he and Mafalda have a pet tortoise called Burocracia Bureaucracy.

Her dream is to be a mother and dedicated housewife and often fantasizes about the possibilities, which often leads to arguments with Mafalda.