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How can you identify men and women when you have only skeleton of men and women? Very large text size They are images that seem the very personification of nomadic existence. Before his burial everyone says to him: For example, a fat woman may feel that she has more in common with a man who is also fat.

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But the Himba say it is an aesthetic consideration, a sort of traditional make-up they apply every morning when they wake. The fire provides contact between the living and the dead, which is necessary for harmonious living and keeping the ancestors happy.

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Hide Caption 5 of 9 Photos: Every 7 to 10 days he uses the fire to communicate with the Mukuru and family ancestors. Himba women and their Children in the city The Himba: Himba woman and her baby Inheritance of goods is done with the domination of the matriclan.

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The Himba of Namibia — The holy fire, or "okuruwo," is the most important feature of Himba religious life. As a result, the striking image of the Himba -- if not their name -- has become known far beyond the remote, unforgiving Kunene region where they eke out a living tending livestock.

The study was part of her project Wild Born looking at the traditions and practices of natural childbirth among indigenous women. They see it as expected and nothing out of the ordinary. The Himba of Namibia — Himba children stay with their mother until the age of three, when they live with their siblings and are cared for by all members of the village.

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The reason for this is otjize, a paste of butter, fat and red ochre -- sometimes scented with aromatic resin -- that Himba women apply each morning to their skin and hair, giving them a distinctive red hue. As pastoralists, cattle are central to the lives of the Himba -- just like their relatives, the Herero, who are renowned for the headwear of their women, which resemble cattle horns.

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But now, as Sydney photographer and explorer Alegra Ally can testify, the influence of Western society is also taking its toll. Many Himbas fled to Angola where they were called Ovahimba, meaning 'beggars'.

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