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Hermione granger and ron weasley dating fanfiction, are ron weasley and hermione granger dating

She disappeared behind the door, and the leaned against the walls, pretending to not care where she was or why she was visiting the old guy again. So that left her with three people, and she'd decided that it merited a new list. He was tall, dark haired with beautiful green eyes and tanned skin.

He was going to stride over to the Gryffindor table and kill Harry Potter. There, Luna Lovegood cried as the mermaids encircled her, pulling at her hair and her clothes, scratching her skin viciously.

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The wizarding world was not happy with him, because in the end of the war with Voldemort, he was unable to decide with whom his loyalties lay.

A guy with brains was damn sexy. Is Hermione Granger married to Ron Weasley? He faintly heard his broom clatter to the floor as he reached for her to pull her into an embrace.

Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger Fuh-Q-Fest

Guys from Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor had been circling her all day, asking her help with different homework and such, yet they didn't seem to be thinking about that at all, and the Slytherins knew it.

Thanks for all of your positively inspiring reviews you're the reason this story is getting updated so quickly! If only he'd stayed that way and she could have met him, they'd been so much alike. I think I might have died myself! Maybe they shouldn't rush things.

He knew that Hermione was probably sleeping or reading, and wouldn't notice his late arrival. She needed to find people who she didn't care a fig for to have sex with.