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The producer of show also gave a long statement regarding this matter. Before making debut she remained a part of some girls groups but left them, later on.

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He highlighted their small usual fights but also stressed on how they go along comfortably. In the same year, she was also nominated for Show Variety Female Newcomer award.

Heo Young Ji

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He, however, accepted that the two get along without any trouble and also, there are many commonalities between them. Some said that there is no way of them coming close to each other as they are mostly fighting with each other.

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She joined Hitmaker Season 2 along with Lizzy, G. In Roommate she became famous for her muted laughter. He, in the end, stands on the opinion that they will end up as friends and dating is not possible between the two.

Both are the member of idol group with similar musical shows and schedules.

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