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Jimena eventually crossed into the central Pacific as well on on Sept. You can choose to see all warnings, no warnings, level 2 and 3 warnings, or level 3 warnings only. You'll see a weather icon and, with one click on the symbol, a short written description.

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Combined with rainfall from previous December storm systems, most rivers in that region went into flood. Tropical Storm Bill After enduring their wettest May on record, the last thing Texas and Oklahoma wanted to see was a soaking tropical storm a month later.

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The unusual warmth helped worsen the drought in the Pacific Northwest during that period. The first was Mayhitting southeast Nebraska especially hard.

Thanks to the efforts of reconnaissance missions flown by the U.

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Widgets and notifications Premium - Premium users can opt to receive alerts in the notification bar. Enhanced Fujita Scale If that weren't enough, Goliath also wrung out massive rainfall, with the worst affecting eastern Oklahoma, eastern Kansas, and large parts of Arkansas, Missouri and Illinois.

Worcester, Massachusetts also chalked up its second-snowiest season with The Charts View In the top right corner of the main weather page, you will see an icon for Charts.

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