Flirting with Danger by Claire Baxter Flirting with Danger by Claire Baxter

Happen magazine flirting with danger. Flirting with danger

Coming to my senses slightly, I realized he still had my wrist.

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They hang just outside the door. That's sweet of you Baby, but I'd never let you take the heat.

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There wasn't a doubt in anyone's mind that she wasn't. I love her like Wave after wave left me. She doesn't have her phone.

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Jimmy was there too, and I didn't like it. Sometimes, I wonder how I get through the days.

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That would have been much less embarrassing than what I was going to face in the morning when one of those assholes came to give me my breakfast. For now, you are worth more to me alive than dead, so that's how you'll stay.

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I would have treated her like a lady.