Selling my assets - Unded IG & Ded Panda. Selling my assets - Unded IG & Ded Panda.

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After a minipet has been dedicated, nobody else can display that minipet in their Hall of Monuments, but it can still be used by anyone. As a prize in a Guild Wars contest.

This can be very useful information as to revealing the position of the still hidden enemy. I'm not trying to trade them, just "equip" them. You can switch them as many times you want to. The ranger has the choice of using pets with high vitality and toughness which ensures their pet can take and hold enemies' attention, or the ranger can take the tanking role themselves while using more damage-oriented pets, such as birds or spiders.

It is also useful in tight areas where a large pet can obscure players' vision. Stowing can be used to avoid having the pet attract enemies. This dedication process is irreversible: If the icon is not in my inventory, how do I switch them?

Selling my assets - Unded IG & Ded Panda.

Leave any comments on the Community Portal. If you have multiple characters and a pile of copies of the same minipet, it pays to find other players in the same situation, and sort between you who needs what.

When you help each other out, everyone wins. When you rip people off, you're only forcing your buyers to raise their own prices to make back what you took from them, which in turn leads to a chain reaction of trades that drive up the price of what you're after yourself. Two identical miniatures in a character's inventory are treated as one miniature for this purpose if one is active, double-clicking the other will de-activate it, rather than replace it.