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Gas dryer hookup houston, can you convert an electric dryer to a gas dryer?

We will consider paying off the delivery guys, and also consider hiring a separate plumber. You might at least want to consider roughing in in that circuit with tape to allow wire to be pulled through later, so that installing it when desired wouldn't require opening the wall and drilling holes.

The conversion process would cost more than just going out and purchaseing a gas dryer. To make it the cheapest possible, pick a location where water lines and an electrical box are less than 10 ft away. How to connect a gas dryer? You have a hot and cold line that connects from the washer to the spickets behind the washer, they are marked on the hoses.

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One of your thermostats could be bad. However when I offered to pay them, they gladly took care of it.

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Jun 30, at What you are probably hearing is the flame, it is normal for the burner to make a whooshing noise while it is on. Take care not to puncture the foil hose or heat and dryer dust will vent inside the room.

If not, the costs are going to be a lot more significant. How do I connect it to my natural gas line? Also natural gas as piped to homes costs less per kilowatt-hour than the equivalent amount of household electrical power.

There is another hose that goes in the back of the washer that goes to the same spot that drains the water out on the spin cycle and a plug. Swap the dryers with new or used units. Once the gas lines are connected, the gas restored and the fan switched off, a gas smell usually indicates a very recent problem, ie, you have a leak.

Use an extension cord. I have a Kenmore push start gas dryer.