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What exactly happened there is not clear. Rise to power[ edit ] In JuneDecius and his co-emperor and son Herennius Etruscus died in the Battle of Abrittus at the hands of the Goths they were supposed to punish for raids into the empire.

Bronze of Gallus dating from the time of his reign as Roman Emperor, the only surviving near-complete full-size 3rd-century Roman bronze Metropolitan Museum of Art [4] Anxious to secure his position at Rome and stabilize the situation on the Danube frontier, Gallus made peace with the Goths.

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Early life[ edit ] Gallus was born in Italy, in a family with respected Etruscan senatorial background. Death[ edit ] Trebonianus Gallus Since the army was no longer pleased with the Emperor, the soldiers proclaimed Aemilianus emperor.

Uranius proclaimed himself emperor, [7] however, and minted coins with his image upon them. According to rumours supported by Dexippus a contemporary Greek historian and the thirteenth Sibylline OracleDecius' failure was largely owing to Gallus, who had conspired with the invaders.

His early career was a typical cursus honorumwith several appointments, both political and military.

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He was suffect consul and in was made governor of the Roman province of Moesia Superioran appointment that showed the confidence of Emperor Decius in him. Gallus ordered his troops to attack the Persians, but Persian Emperor Shapur I invaded Armenia and destroyed a large Roman army, taking it by surprise at Barbalissos in With a usurpersupported by Pauloctus, threatening the throne, Gallus prepared for a fight.

Peace terms allowed the Goths to leave Roman territory while keeping their captives and plunder. On June 24,Decius was deified, but by July 15 Hostilian disappears from history—he may have died in an outbreak of plague. They invaded Asia Minor by sea, burned the great Temple of Artemis at Ephesusand returned home with plunder.

He had two children in his marriage with Afinia Gemina Baebiana: