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The valley of Megiddo has been the scene of many a battle, but a global war won't be fought on such a relative tiny location. We're guessing that Armageddon denotes a degree of global certainty; a conviction that a large majority of people will one day share, namely the republican reality model.

The Republicans, of which there are many, believe that man controls his own destiny. The first and final spawn of the would-be-super-group featuring former Yardbird vocalist Keith Relferstwhile Captain Beyond drummer Bobby Caldwellex- Steamhammer guitarist Martin Pughand Relf 's Renaissance partner, bassist Louis Cennamothe album contains a meager five tracks -- four of which extend beyond the eight-minute barrier due to bouts of arguably unnecessary, self-indulgent waffling.

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Palaces were typically built on elevations, but symbolically they denoted the capital of nations, their apices. The place where the kings of the earth gather to wage the final war, the War of the Great Day of God, is probably not a physical location, and this Great War is probably not one of soldiers and missiles.

Armaggeddon's ruler at the time was a fucker by the name of Herman von Strab. Shortly after this exchange the refugees and soldier survivors started to mysteriously "disappear" from inquisitorial custody. Armageddon is everywhere where people deny the Kingdom of God, and the royalty of Jesus Christ.

Second War for Armageddon[ edit ] To make a short story even shorter, the Second War for Armageddon was a massive fucking meatgrinder full of happy orks and pissed off humans.

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That way the name Armageddon would mean Elevated Harrowing Fortune. Dry land in the Bible always symbolizes security or certainty, whereas the seas symbolize danger and uncertainty.

For a few short weeks while the Khornate hordes busied themselves with sacrificing civilians to summon daemons to bolster their ranks, and the Loyalists used this time to fortify as well as they could, but they had little more to offer their foes than flashlights and insults.

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The Blood Crusade tried to summon Angron, but the Salamanders managed to muck up the ritual. Becky, who never felt accepted by the others, argues with the others over her Libertarian political beliefs, and James and Nick argue over a business-related lawsuit.

The Monarchists, of which there are few, believe that God controls man's destiny, and that God can not be harnessed. Lev reveals that he was partially responsible for the computer virus; in Libya, he constructed a cell phone virus that could overload an entire nation's grid.

If John the Revelator had meant to say that the final conflict would transpire in an area around the town Megiddo, he would have written either simply Megiddo, or Biqamegiddon or Gibamegiddon, or even Charmageddon, but not Armageddon.