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That is the purpose of life. If you would not go with the one you love now, you will forever regret not taking this chance on love.

Beauty is power and a smile is its sword. Even if you are a mass murderer, International rogue,and children Abductor,People Will Still bless you "continue to be who you are" in your birthday.

Life without God is like an un-sharpened pencil — No point.

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What do you mean? I thought she was being weird until I turned around and her clothes were off. Refrain from loving a flirt, you will surely get hurt. Originally posted by Gurl.

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God is really creative, I mean Women are like wifi: Originally posted by Jokideo Quotes about Love They should not allow you in this bar, because you will make us guys go crazy.

Roses are red, violets are blue, sugar is sweet but nothing compared to you.

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After a while, you learn to ignore the names people call you and just trust who you are. After catching up with him and stuff I straight up kissed him.

Our phones fall, we panic. Or takes a small item from you and drops it down her top. Life is a bitch so learn how to fuck it. Make your girl happy, you will have a happy life.

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