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The Europeans proved it. I know it's just me being used to Edea, as tons of people everywhere are skating in Jackson and love them, but Edea are lower at the ankle and with lower heal and padded differently and I realize I like that.

But he overcame it and I thanked him for that several times.

Moves In The Field

Will the coaching team change? The Chinese Sui who is the darling of the figure skating was going there to win. When it was off I felt so empty. But I think any person aiming for the next 4 Olympics has to understand what is going on with them.

They were the ones to pick the music, though I offered a slightly different context. Natasha's inability to land a 2nd triple jump.

How should I know? But we discussed things and I can repeat: The amount of work they do - yes. I think they can aim for the podium next year.

I used it for my hockey skates and loved it. I've been watching his ability to concentrate in the last recent competitions. Good luck to them.

Add some more in, why not? It demands not just the beauty but giving all you have on your way to the medal. Zhenya and Vladimir became silver medallists and it improved my and their mood a bit.