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With more contact, inmate perceptions of officers can either be more positive or more negative.

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Nicole gave birth there, alone, to a baby who was dark purple, its umbilical cord wrapped around its neck. Without methadone, considered by national medical experts to be the gold standard of treatment for opioid-dependent pregnant women, De Samito was in danger of a stillbirth.

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Though female officers are less likely to abuse these substances than their male counterparts, they still take part in these activities in hopes to relieve the physiological effects of correctional officer burnout headaches, insomnia, back aches, etc.

Female officer number counts are on the rise, but they were not always that way.

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The concept of prison is foreign to their Dinka culture, in which village elders often are called to settle disputes, he says.

An ultrasound machine UHS purchased 18 months ago allows the physicians to do most prenatal care on site, but if women need more specialized care they are sent off-site to UHS-operated clinics.

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She gave birth with the help of a midwife while a jail guard watched from the corner of the hospital room. On June 2,the Wichita Falls Police Department arrested Nicole, who was five months pregnant, for violating her probation.

Health outcomes would improve, families wouldn't be separated and women could see the same doctor throughout their pregnancy.

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For those correctional officers who had a spouse practicing any religion, there were positive effects on their overall levels of stress. Instead of two to 20 years in prison for burglary of a habitation, she faced 25 years to life under the "three strikes and you're out" law.

Rodriguez said pregnant inmates are immediately put on a prenatal vitamin regimen and placed on a "pregnancy diet" that consists of more protein, extra fruits and vegetables, and an extra snack. Prosecutors pushed for a long sentence because of her lengthy criminal record.

Sudanese Women Seeking Divorce Find Themselves in Prison

There are also inmates that feel as though females working in correctional facilities should be kept to a minimum because their positive impact is diminished by their potential to create conflict usually sexual.

But now since the customs have intermingled and some foreign customs have come in and circulated during wartime, this made many women to loiter about.

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Many of the female officers who use humor to cope are either continuing to work despite their misery [21] or trying to deal with their situation differently.