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However, neither of Parr's skilled assistants, Morel or Pelts, makes an appearance in this story. It has a Borges like feel, in its account of a premeditated crime coming to life.

The place is fortified like a secret army base, or something.

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Each chapter of this book is a work of fiction. Similarly, many reference works describe Book of Murder there is no "The" in its title as being about Deputy Parr and his friend Oliver Armiston.

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In the first third, the amateurs Selfridge and Armiston predominate, investigating what is apparently eccentric behavior; in the middle third, the professionals Sage and Parr look at what is now clearly a crime. Who do you mean, Joshua?

And she was lost.

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Why was she so angry? Yes, I guess so. I have only read excerpts from this collection in anthologies; it has apparently never been published in America, only Britain.

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The old man had gone. As in "The Jorgensen Plates", we do not learn till well into the story, what the various characters are up to.

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His clothes, grey, tattered and stiff with age, hung over his sparse frame as though they might have fitted once and he had wilted within them. A classic story about a virtual person is "Putois" by Anatole France. Had she, subconsciously alright, sort of consciously dressed to impress?

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As the season progressed, however, Andersen assumed the starter's role by virtue of both his impressive goaltending play and injuries to Gibson that kept the latter out of the lineup. He published two books on farming and only three works of fiction during his lifetime, leaving most of his stories uncollected in magazines.