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Get out there and make some sweet love! I think if it was in the most fun Broadway songs, it would be 2. Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius. Get hip to soulful, funky, genre-bending music.

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I love singing and dancing around with it's catchy lyrics. Although the b-side to the " DJ Culture " single, "Music for Boys" actually proved to be equally popular in the States, where as a double-sided 12" single they reached 13 on the Billboard dance sales chart.

From there Nikki starts to grind—and that word sends the song into its orgasmic chorus. Maybe I shouldn't say this since I don't know a lot about les mis, but I disagree with all the les mis fans calling Marius a fop since he sings this incredibly moving song about his friends who died fighting for freedom.

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This is one that you just have to listen to to understand, and I would recommend it to anybody. It's so beautiful and Wicked is such an amazing musical.

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Annotations The repeated "Oh, yeah! Dysfunction never sounded so good.

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This classic sexy music sets the mood just right for the most intimate moments. Her voice is wonderful, and it brings joy to my soul! I sure hope she sings it again now that she is older, because she'll knock it out of the park for sure.

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It was even better seeing it in real life - growlbunny 41 White Boys - Hair 42 Prologue - Into the Woods This song is over twelve minutes long, but sets up the story beautifully. It is a beautiful work of art, and this song is the most defining for the whole thing.

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