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Flirtomatic oase 12018 steps, the 12 steps of gdpr compliance according to ico and how it fit with matomo

The DIP switches allow for microstepping factors from 2 to The configuration described below is for configuring hardware sold by National Instruments. The 90 degree point of the sine wave is the location with the most offset from the desired position. When configuring the drive using the P Tools, verify that the Tooth Count is correct.

The tooth count is one fourth of the number of steps per revolution with no microstepping. The degree mark will show negative error as it is pulled to the next pole. Please refer to the ICO documentation in order to learn how to write a privacy notice.


A full cycle of the sine wave would occur between two full steps. So as GDPR, this information is subject to change. We will list below the 12 steps recommended by the UK privacy commissioner in order to be GDPR compliant and what you need to do for each step.

Another is to use gears to reduce the amount of movement per step; if the motor is controlling a threaded rod, use a rod that can increase the number of threads per inch.

Hardware configured with microstepping is considered as full steps from the software configuration side. These features are available starting in Matomo 3.