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Flirting with forty namorando com 40 Plot Jackie Laurens Heather Locklear is a recently divorced, year-old and mother of a teenage son and daughter who takes a vacation alone to Hawaii where, against her better judgment, she meets and hooks up with hunky, year-old resident surf instructor Kyle Hamilton Robert Buckley.

But whilst nothing amazingly new or original "Flirting with Forty" is fun with Heather Locklear and Robert Buckley having great appeal if not entirely believable chemistry.

Heather Locklear is Flirting With Forty - Dec 6 at 9pm ET|PT on Lifetime

The two flirt and Kyle teaches Jackie how to surf. But what began as a one-night stand turns into love as when her vacation is done, she flies to Hawaii every chance she gets to meet with her latest love interest, which soon gets disapproval from her ex-husband, her kids, and even her close friends.

What this all boils down to is that "Flirting with Forty" isn't a bad movie, in fact it is watchable but it works through a familiar scenario and doesn't do anything new with it. Much to her surprise she finds herself on a date with 27 year old surf instructor Kyle Robert Buckley after he rescued from being hit on by a businessman.

And so she does many times but then on one of her romantic getaways she gets a call to say her daughter has been in an accident leading to more complications.

Complications develop because the two are living in different parts of the world. When the holiday is over Jackie returns home and finds her girl friends disapproving that she had a holiday romance with a 27 year old but she gets a call from Kyle who wants her to return to Hawaii. As time and the pressure from everyone around her to break it off with Kyle pushes Jackie to her breaking point, it will only take her beau Kyle to teach her how to cope before life passes her by.

This ends up making "Flirting with Forty" a movie which often ends up about how they both look be it Buckley's toned torso or Locklear looking smoking hot.

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The movie premiered on December 6, With her ex husband dating someone much younger and her 40th birthday not far off Jackie Laurens Heather Locklear - Angels Fall finds herself on holiday in Hawaii when her friend Kristine Vanessa Williams decides she needs to get away. So what does that leave, well there is Robert Buckley who once you get over the shock of seeing him heavily tanned is solid but unremarkable as he plays it sensitive in a typical manner.

The date turns into more as they end up in the sack and then the next day spend it on a romantic sight seeing trip around the island.

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