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Jason K it wrote: Sean Penn and Tom Cruise were great too.

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Most of the performances are pretty awful. A handful of side plots particularly one with a serial killer and another with a neighbor kid witnessing some traumatic events add some zest, but mostly seem to exist for making the film longer.

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Zoel K us wrote: If you thought the haunted house films were laugh riots maybe you'll enjoy this but overall it's a huge piece of garbage. Full of mystery, suspense, and faithful to the book.

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Deluxe east coast filming locations are attractive yet also are surprisingly eerie for the dark turns throughout the film.

Danielle B nl wrote: This thriller is more spiffed up than expected with some decent chills to be had, though predictability is just around the corner.

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Anne Bancroft is good in a small part as Kidman's long lost mother in addition to Gwyneth Paltrow in one of her early roles as Pullman's student.

If only the sequels were as good.

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Such an odd topic for a film, but it just worked. Brittany J us wrote: Devastated beyond belief and suspicious that he was drinking prior to making this decision, the couple takes him to court when she recovers from the surgery to file for malpractice.

It's not good as Office Space.

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Surely everyone enjoys a decent thriller every now and then, so why not check out Malice?