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Flirtin with fire, upcoming locations

Bossy, strong, sexy as hell, a pain in my ass. Maybe she was having a bad day; but, it definitely impacted their customers' opinions of their overall service. The setup for eventual future books in the series is more interesting than the central situation.

Flirting With Fire

I was hoping this meant that the pizzas were decently sized. I loved how he appreciated her strength, her independence and her competiveness. Christina Cole 9 months ago on Facebook Finally got to try this truck!

Regardless, a few colleagues and I ordered pizzas from the truck and were surprised at the service we received from the female employee working the window. Therefore, I was really excited to try Flirting with Fire as they were the food truck of the day at my work. A large and eclectic cast of side characters and a charmingly real-feeling Chicago provide lightness and fun.

It had snuck up on him, this depth of feeling.

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While waiting, I was observing the truck. One woman who made his knees buckle along with his brain.