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He is one of the few prominent Chechen rebels still active, having served as security minister in the Chechen separatist government from The then-Chechen prime minister Ramzan Kadyrov was said to have contacted Umarov via his family and a mediator.

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On 1 Augustthe Russian Islamist website Kavkaz Center claimed Umarov had officially announced his resignation for health reasons and appointed his military deputy Aslambek Vadalov as his successor. The next summer, together with Basayev, Umarov was one of the leaders of a large-scale raid by Chechen and Ingush fighters that killed scores of Ingushetia's officials and members of the security forces and briefly seized control over the republic's largest town, Nazran.

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They plan to hold the Olympics on the bones of our ancestors, on the bones of many, many dead Muslims buried on our land by the Black Sea. After the death of Gelayev in Februarymany of his remaining men joined Umarov's group.

I think that is the exception and not the norm.

Doku Umarov: virtual and real Chechen warlord

But also people who follow some idealistic ideology. Some analysts have described him as a figure that might be replaced by someone else at any moment. He spent the winter months traveling across the mountains to the nearby republic of Kabardino-Balkaria to meet with local jamaat s fighting Russian authorities in the region and consolidate the Caucasian Frontthe pan-Caucasian Islamic militant network set up by Sadulayev.

One such operation was reported in October near the Ingush village of Galashki, close to the border with Chechnya, and a second in late November in the southeastern district of Vedeno. There are much easier ways to make a living. What's more, a string of law enforcement officials have been sacked and a new head of transport security has been appointed in the Interior Ministry.

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The suicide attack on the arrivals area of Domodedovo international airport on 24 January left 36 people dead and injured. Investigators think that a terrorist group controlled by Umarov carried out the attack. This opinion was echoed by Aleksey Malashenko, expert of the Carnegie Moscow Center, who told the same source that field commanders in Chechnya act according to the principle of matreshka, or set of nesting dolls: It was derailed in the Novgorod region on August 13,injuring sixty passengers.

It also predicted that it would be harder for individuals without valid air tickets to get access to the terminals.