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However, the true spirit of Flirtease really comes into its own with its naughty selection of milkshakes and desserts, which promise to send even the most reserved tastebuds screaming with delight - guaranteed. For example, if the absolute link is http: If you'd like tzo know more about why this is and how to properly create a menu with a combination of absolute and relative links, please continue reading our detailed guide below.

A wide selection of delicious ice cream shakes are on offer, including mint, toffee, honey, banana and coconut incarnations. Relative Links To fully understand the process of of creating a menu with anchor links and normal links, we first need to understand the difference between absolute links and relative links.

Step 3 - Keep repeating Step 2 until all your menu items that point to an anchor on another page all contain their respective relative links. Please continue reading below for a brief description of each type of links and how they work.

Flirtease Lounge and Restaurant

Step 5 - Navigate to the specific page that contains the anchor links. Step 2 - Build your menu as you normally would. As you can see from the second example, an absolute link may also contain an anchor that is located on another page. Unlike a relative link, using an absolute link as a menu item to point to an anchor on another page will always work, regardless of which page on the website you're currently on.

For example, if the anchor you'd like to point to is on the About page, then your URL will look like this: Meaning, the browser will have to be on that page for the link to navigate to the desired location.

Step 4 - Save all your changes by clicking the 'Save Menu' button.