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Audrey knows how to compliment her hairdresser.

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She drinks, smokes and is definitely not great about a long time commitment, but that is exactly why I like her so much. It was challenging without being too hard, and it was simply fun. Joy tokens give you additional moves if matched and sentiment tokens allow you to use Date Gifts. Nonetheless, the writing is really strong and the existing conversations are snappy and funny.

Giving girls regular gifts will basically exchange that gift for Hunie, but try not to spend all your Munie early on in gifts Upgrade your traits The only way to progress further in the game is to upgrade your traits.

Tiffany is so considerate with Kyanna to the point of babysitting Kyanna's son for free because Tiffany herself is the daughter of a single mom. Go on dates I suggest you first talk to the girl until there's 1 or 2 bars left on her hunger bar, then go on the date.

Beli keeps it all natural. There is a secret, though.

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Kyu's voice is obviously the cutest one, but no girl does her job wrong. Cats are independent and like to explore and only return home to eat and sleep. Talking and answering the questions in the "correct" manner will give you "hunie" points, which are used to upgrade your Traits and subsequently making the dating game easier.

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In order to have a successful date you just have to engage your chosen girl in a Bejeweled like match-three puzzle game. Guess where you find Celeste? You can also pick one of the other choices, as the plot in this game is entirely railroaded.

As always, she's teaching you how to pick up chicks, which is why Flirtation is her interest: Meanwhile, she doesn't believe for a second that you have any Talent, besides what she's already seen living in your roomso she won't be impressed by your few socially acceptable talents.

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