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Flirtaholics blumentopfheizung, this is your stage

In the lead-up to the German federal electionthe group appeared in a Wahlwerbespot "election advertisement" in which they encouraged Germans to vote.

Battle-Rap, the second key feature, plays only a minor role. Telling storys, one of the two main components in the field of rap, dominates most of their lyrics.

Awards[ edit ] Blumentopf was voted Best Live Band by readers of the German hip hop magazine Juice in both and The song Danke Bush! Furthermore, a new Blumentopf album called "Musikmaschine" was released on 8th September In the context of the football world championship taking place in Germany, the 5 rappers commented on the football matches of the German team, the two semi-finals and the final.

This concept is consistent with Blumentopf's Storytelling style. Yesterday my dog died, I hog tied a ho, tied her in a bow So the next time you blog try to spit a flow You want to criticize, dog?

For the tour, the group collaborated with local artists from EgyptJordanIsraelSyriaand Lebanon. The members of Blumentopf are: They used humor, irony, and a lot of wordplay to tell stories about everyday life, relationship, parties, both true and fictitious.

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Critics never got nothing nice to say, man You know the one thing I notice about critics, man, is Critics never ask me how my day went Well Imma tell 'em Music[ edit ] Blumentopf was known for using a Storytelling style.

One such song is Nur dass ihr wisst "Just so you know". Several songs also suggest that drugs and hip hop are not directly connected. Other songs can be placed in the conscious hip hop genre, commenting on current issues.

The Raportagen were broadcast with video clips of the band, game and press conference footage, and other related video during Das Erste football coverage. Try a little more I'm so tired of this I could blow fire in the hole I'm fired up so fire up the lighter and the dro Better hold on a little tighter here I go Flows tighter, hot headed as Ghost Rider Cold hearted as Spiderman throwing a spider in the snow So you better get lower than Flo-rida Inside of a lowrider with no tires in the hole Why am I like this?